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Physical Therapy

PBA and Associates have an enormous amount of experience with physical therapy and rehab facilities and a team of experts in physical, occupational and speech therapy billing. PBA and Associates specialized team knows the codes and gets you paid… and by the way, We are good at it!

We don’t have computerized systems calling the shots at PBA and Associates. We have real humans making real phone calls to your payers to get your full reimbursements – faster than you can imagine.

Some billing errors to watch for:

Underbilling Fixed-Rate Payers

Fixed-rate payers—sometimes know as per diem or “capped” payers—have a reputation of throwing folks for a loop. The term “fixed rate” is a bit of a misnomer, and it leads many rehab therapy professionals to believe they will always receive the same amount of reimbursement, regardless of time spent with the patient. This often results in underbilling, because the therapist leaves out unit numbers for timed codes. The truth is that these payers usually reimburse up to a certain capped amount, so if you’re billing for a total reimbursement amount that’s less than the cap, you could be leaving money on the table.

Missing Certifications

I know—chasing down physicians’ signatures can be, well, a challenge. However, having a documented and signed plan of care is crucial to keeping Medicare auditors at bay. And more importantly, it ensures that you’ll get paid for the time you spend treating your patients.

One other thing PBA does… We help you get rid of your daily headache in ensuring your billing is completed each day. It’s the PBA way! Please take a glance at a more in-depth view of the Medical Billing Services we would love to provide for you!

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    • As an Accountant, I am selective on who I refer to my clients. I have found expertise at every level with PBA and Associates. They are accurate, responsive and true experts in specialty practices, such as orthopedics, surgery centers/ facilities as well as cardiology and gynecology. We are always pleased with the medical billing and revenue streaming provided by PBA and Associates.
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