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All encounters that fall under Global are filed together, and not until after delivery. That means OBGYN’s can go 9 (or 10) months before receiving payment. Such a lengthy treatment period brings about a much higher risk. A denial on several months of work is much more costly than an ordinary denied claim. For that reason, OBGYN’s need a knowledgeable and experienced biller to protect their financial interests. They need a focused team that will ensure proper documentation from beginning to end, so they can worry less about their economic benefits and more about caring for their patients.

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    • As an Accountant, I am selective on who I refer to my clients. I have found expertise at every level with PBA and Associates. They are accurate, responsive and true experts in specialty practices, such as orthopedics, surgery centers/ facilities as well as cardiology and gynecology. We are always pleased with the medical billing and revenue streaming provided by PBA and Associates.
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