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It is our guarantee that we will partner with you and your internal medicine practice and to increase income, decrease time from patient visit to payment and work with you and your staff to streamline the entire billing process. We always adhere to the highest ethical, legal, and practical business standards.

The decision to outsource your billing allows you and your staff to focus on patients rather than administration and operations. We will work with the internal medicine system you have in place or create a new one all together. That's the benefit of a local company. We are here to make a plan that works for you. We do not believe that one size fits all and have the ability to work with your team to develop a system to work with all members of your team.

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    • As an Accountant, I am selective on who I refer to my clients. I have found expertise at every level with PBA and Associates. They are accurate, responsive and true experts in specialty practices, such as orthopedics, surgery centers/ facilities as well as cardiology and gynecology. We are always pleased with the medical billing and revenue streaming provided by PBA and Associates.
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