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Here’s what CMS says:  “(Base Units + Time Units + Modifying Units) x Conversion Factor = Anesthesia Fees “

Though it seems complicated at first, it’s not rocket surgery! PBA and Associates specialized team have Un-raveled the process and established for anesthesia services is a worthwhile exercise for everyone involved in the billing process. Surgery is not a yard sale where patients pay what they think is appropriate for services, or anesthesiologists bill what they believe they are worth! The CMS releases a finite set of rules regarding billing for procedures, and it’s essential to learn to navigate the codes correctly.

PBA and Associates have a team of experts who specialize in your specialty.

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    • As an Accountant, I am selective on who I refer to my clients. I have found expertise at every level with PBA and Associates. They are accurate, responsive and true experts in specialty practices, such as orthopedics, surgery centers/ facilities as well as cardiology and gynecology. We are always pleased with the medical billing and revenue streaming provided by PBA and Associates.
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