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When PBA and Associates were founded, we began by working with orthopedic physicians and surgeons as a solution to their on-going billing and coding problems. We’ve been working with orthopedic doctors and specialty health care clinics, for over 30 years. We have found three common obstacles that have helped them increase revenue and improve their practice performance over the years.

It is important to have certified coders experienced in Orthopedics reviewing each and every op report and office visit note. PBA and Associates offer a team of expert coders in your specialty.

Claims Consistently Denied Due to Inaccuracy

Billing is directly tied to your profitability. Income needs to consistently flow into the practice, which means your coding needs to be correct.

Inefficiency Due to Performing Too Many Procedures Outside of Your Specialty

More patients don’t always equate to more profits. If you’re performing surgeries you don’t specialize in, you’re likely to be much less inefficient with your time. This is where ultra-specialization comes into play.

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    As an Accountant, I am selective on who I refer to my clients. I have found expertise at every level with PBA and Associates. They are accurate, responsive and true experts in specialty practices, such as orthopedics, surgery centers/ facilities as well as cardiology and gynecology. We are always pleased with the medical billing and revenue streaming Provided by PBA and associates

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