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Susan Buckingham - President

Ms. Susan Buckingham holds a master’s degree in the social sciences and has 25 years of business management experience. Ms. Buckingham has been president of PBA and Associates Medical Billing for 15 years. Ms. Buckingham has over 15 years of experience in medical billing & coding and 15 years of overall experience in the medical field.

Ms. Buckingham offers PBA and Associates clients, business consulting, practice management expertise, and Human Resources and Coaching services.

Tracy Harrell - Vice President

Vice-President of PBA and Associates is Ms. Tracy Harrell. Ms. Tracy Harrell dedicated 25 years to the medical billing and coding industry while mastering each carrier claim specificities, such as order of coding submission. Her expertise and work ethic is like no other found in the medical billing and coding industry. Ms. Harrell offers PBA and Associates clients EMR expertise, practice management and consulting services, as well as front-desk solutions to minimize errors and role responsibilities.

Our Philosophy

Our firm was formed to serve doctors as medical claims and billing were becoming increasingly more complex. Physicians and medical professionals burdened by spending more time to collect fair compensation for their services.

Our vision was to create an innovative medical billing and practice management firm that would let the physician concentrate on patient care while maximizing reimbursements at a lower cost. PBA and Associates is dedicated to providing your practice with the latest reimbursement strategies, information, and services available in the health care industry. Our No. 1 goal is to get you the reimbursement you are entitled to promptly.

Why Choose PBA?

Our Guarantee

PBA and Associates can guarantee 94% or higher on your accounts receivable. How many medical billing services make that kind of offer? How many in-house billing specialists can get you paid at that rate?

New clients often see revenues grow 33%. Best of all, we do not get paid until you get paid, so there is little risk to your practice.

We Manage Your Revenue Cycle and Get Paid Faster

PBA and Associates offer medical billing in your area of medical specialty, which means you get paid faster and experience larger reimbursements. Through our medical billing expertise, your medical claims are expedited. Bottom line: We get you paid faster.

PBA and Associates have unique reporting tools so we can measure, track submitted claims and capture your rate of insurance reimbursement.

Remittance Code Review

A commonly overlooked process is, after a claim passes successfully through the clearinghouse, a payer reviews the claim and either adjudicates fully towards the allowable amount or rejects all or a portion of the claim. Payers communicate health care reimbursement rejections to providers using remittance advice codes that include brief explanations.

Medical billing specialists at PBA and Associates review these codes to determine whether and how they can correct and resubmit the claim or bill the patient. This step is commonly missed if the doctor uses the billing company associated with their EMR or they have an in-house biller. Your EMR billing is low lying claims- not maximizing your work and your inhouse biller- simply does not have time because of other office obligations.

For example, sometimes payers reject services that shouldn’t be billed together during a single visit. Other times, they reject services due to a lack of medical necessity or because those services take place during a specified timeframe after a related procedure. Rejections could also be due to non-coverage or a whole host of other reasons. Often the corrections are not submitted and the income is lost. PBA and Associates service actually pays for its self by saving you money on key reimbursement tools.

Professional Coaching

What’s holding you from creating your dreams?

Working with Susan Buckingham as your life coach is your opportunity to discovering your passion. Susan connects your strengths and passions to create a powerful change. Susan will support you through each step as you connect to your deepest life passion, finding fulfillment in each step while developing only what you have dreamed of! Connect and make the changes you want to see in your personal and professional life.

Susan works with business professionals, executives, physicians, aspiring entrepreneurs, students/athletes, and employees. Susan connects you with your passions while achieving new levels of success and personal fulfillment in your lives and careers. Need more help deciding to connect with Susan? Take a few moments and read this Stanford Study about successful CEOs.

Book an appointment with Susan and find your magic


"We have partnered with PBA and Associates for the past 12 years on all our medical billing needs. From launching a new EMR and implementation and getting our claims paid, PBA and Associate’s medical billing and coding expertise saved time and money. They are always available to support us when necessary and provided accurate answers to all our insurance questions and medical billing questions. I would recommend PBA to anyone that is looking for a full-service medical billing company with expertise."
Dr. Hartman


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