PBA and Associates, LLC

Why Choose PBA

WHY CHOOSE US, PBA's team are hands on and all in!

To maximize your reimbursement.

Why choose us, PBA, LLC   We  partner with your practice in all aspects of your business. Our philosophy is to focus,   identify and to prevent potential problems at the time of service and prior to submission of the claims . By focusing on your practice daily, we minimize front desk, insurance and coding errors before they become a problem or cost to the practice. PBA is constantly training our staff and your staff to minimize errors and maximize reimbursement fast and efficiently.We utilize educational tools throughout the industry and, and keeping up with the ever changing HCFA rules and regulations, we are always on the lookout for ways to maximize your reimbursement.

Why choose us, because we can improve your cash flow, and give you peace of mind that your billing is being done promptly and correctly.Most of our physicians received 93-98% of their claim reimbursement within 30 days. We partner with your practice and assuring fast reimbursement. We don’t get paid until you get paid- Our owner personally tracks your payment history daily, weekly and monthly.

PBA is committed the highest level of customer service in all aspects of our business. You, your staff and your patients will all have the same courteous and professional billing representative handling all aspects of your billing. This ensures consistency and clarity in all of your interactions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Billing and Collections services
  • Tracking of every claim submitted
  • Maximum reimbursement for your services
  • Direct local phone number  for your patients to call
  • Excellent customer service for you and your patients
  • Efficient exchange of information between you & PBA

Claims are submitted electronically

  • Certified Professional Coders on staff
  • Personal review of all claims submitted ( electronic is great- but a trained eye is better)
  • PBA personally previews the submitted claims and monitors codes, rejections, denials daily
  • PBA files appeals and will resubmit claim not properly paid on the first submission
  • PBA owner personally reviews Accounts Receivable reports weekly to reach 93-98% collectible
  • Patient statements are mailed as directed by practice directives, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

To learn more about our  services, request a confidential meeting with our owner – contact us for more information or Text 571-384-0069