PBA and Associates, LLC

Vascular Surgery 

Vascular Surgery


PBA and Associates, LLC offers vascular surgery billing, coding, and practice management services. With decades of experience, certified coders, and billing experts we offer consistently high reimbursement rates while maintaining compliance. PBA team of experts provide revenue management tracking patient care episodes from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance.

Vascular surgeons face ever increasing costs  and  must insure accounts receivable on the insurance and patient side is not being left on the table.  A key battle ground in the struggle to collect all of the money due a vascular surgeon is appealing denied claims and answering extremely specific and technical questions about procedures and diagnoses. Success in this area of expertise requires PBA’s significant experience  gained from serving many vascular surgeons for multiple years.

PBA and Associates, LLC processes your billing and offers the following:

  • Maximized revenue- most of our clients  enjoy 93-98% within 30 days
  • Cost reduction- Reduce office staff and payroll contributions
  • On site education and training for your front desk or office team
  • Compliance
  • RAC Audits
  • Cutting edge accounts receivable management
  • Custom reporting to meet your practice needs
  • Contractual evaluation and consultation services with your current carriers compare in industry
  • Market and demographic analysis- we review who is referring you business and create a plan
  • We offer comprehensive Vascular Surgery  billing services and collections.
  • Initial evaluation of your practice and AR is included before we move forward.
  • We make it easy to get started and we are serious about getting you paid!

To learn more about our Vascular Surgery billing  solutions, request a free demo or contact us for more information.


omprehensive Vascular Surgery  Billing, Collections & Practice Management