PBA and Associates, LLC


Physicians Billing Advisors specializes in Oncology insurance billing for Doctors and Physicians.CUSTOMIZED MEDICAL BILLING SERVICES FOR ONCOLOGISTS


Oncology billing is carefully handled by our most experienced medical billing staff offering our clients their experience and knowledge in appropriate coding, modifier application and our experience is each payor’s most current and specific medical billing procedures.

Medical billing specifics regarding multiple chemotherapy administrations, therapeutic infusion and injection reporting, code bundling, etc., require ever increasing levels of  PBA’s caring and talented staff in expert handling of your patient’s billing.

PBA has more than three decades experience in specialized billing. PBA will partner with your practice to assist in identifying problem areas such as  front desk errors, the use of proper modifier, and best practices for patient collection procedures. PBA will Partner with your Practice!

To learn more about PBA’s oncology medical billing services, request a free demo or contact us for more information.