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Medical Office Front Desk Solutions

PBA, LLC is a forward-thinking medical billing company, striving to give each client access to the very best solutions to help alleviate the daily duties of the practice’s front office staff . PBA streamlines the practice with solutions which create recognizable results .  That’s why our Medical Office Front Desk Solutions go hand and hand with our billing service. Read more about the Top 7 mistakes we find during our assessments: 7 Blunders of Medical Front Desk Staff

According to our Medical Office Front Desk Solutions team, these are the top 5 items that we find that cost and/or delay your claim payments from carriers such as Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, John Hopkins Provider manual, Cigna Denied Provider tool, Aetna Health Care Professional tool, Medicare and Medicaid Handbook with denial tools and hinders revenue management :
Demographic errors– All it takes is one typo in the patients name and/or address to delay a claim, costing you money. Our Medical Office Front Desk Solutions team reported that 5-10% of last years claim rejections were due to demographic errors in the patients information. These simple mistakes can hold up your money owed to you from the patient as well, if statements are sent and returned (which cost approximately $10.00 per statement) due to incorrect or no valid address. For example: Date of birth, spelling of patients name, incorrect address, incorrect zip code etc.. PBA checks and re-checks the claim information for accuracy- We are your back up to claim errors and denials.
Eligibility– If your Front Desk is not checking eligibility on every patient every time they are seen this could be costing you money. Patients eligibility changes frequently and if not checked every time you could be seeing a patient for free. Our Medical Office Front Desk Solutions checklist should be reviewed & checked during the patient check in process to ensure that all the correct steps are taken.
Insurance Cards– A patients insurance card should be verified and scanned into your system every time the patient comes in for a visit. If your Front Desk mistypes the patients ID number or selects the wrong Insurance carriers claim/billing address this will cost/delay your money! PBA reviews insurance cards scanned into your system to catch any delays with your claims.
Referral/Authorization– If your Front Desk is not checking to see if a patient requires a referral or authorization every time the patient is seen …this could cost/delay your money! The Front Desk also needs to make sure that the referral that the patient brings is valid and filled out in its entirety-patients name, member ID, insurance information, services allowed, number of visits, start and end date and most important the PCP’s signature.
Copays– If your Front Desk is not collecting copays at the time of service this is costing you money! If not collected at the time of service you are now spending money to send the patient a statement (and up to 3 of them) to try and collect the funds owed which cost approximately $10.00 a statement every time you send one out to a patient. A review of front desk process can eliminate costly errors and increase cash flow and overhead cost for statements. We have saved our clients  hundreds of dollars a month by reviewing this step at the front desk and implementing a new way to collect your practice’s money.


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