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Medical Marketing

Medical marketingThe duties of our physician specialized Medical Marketing  include but are not limited to:

  • Introducing physician specialist groups to new physicians who may have a strong need to refer out for specialty services. Example: An orthopedic doctor may benefit greatly from a referral relationship with an urgent care facility that sees a high volume of breaks, is just one example of our medical marketing solutions.
  • Bringing any issues or concerns that referring physicians may have back to the client in order to improve the continuum of care for the physicians’ patients.
  • Informing physicians of new technologies and specialty services offered by the client they represent that will help physicians better serve their patients.
  • Educating physicians as to why and for what reasons they should be referring out to the client they represent.
  • Setting up ‘lunch & learns’ to give the client the opportunity for face time with potential referral sources, developing rapport and credibility.
  • Recontacting old referral sources that have ‘dried up’, reinvigorating past referral relationships and identifying the causes for lost referrals.
  • Reconnect your office with lost referrals by way of staying “tip of the tongue” through strategic outreach campaigns.
  • Following through from the referral to the patient’s experience with your practice and the referring physicians.
“We hear you!” What can liaisons do to justify their existence and to produce quicker, more actionable results?
There are four innovative ways to speed up the relationship process and increase physician referrals and retention. Through our Medical Marketing campaigns we exercise these by creating a 4-star physician marketing campaign that is available to everyone. It does, however, require more than simply copying what the other hospitals are doing. Lessons can be learned from “Got Milk?”. The one-of-a-kind platform it stood on made it stand out from all other marketing campaigns.
So too, physician relations requires innovation and thinking out of the box. The following medical marketing principles can guide physician relations directors and liaisons on how they can take their efforts to the next level.
2. We are believers in the “test-drive” principle. Like a car dealer, we will do everything to get potential referring physicians to test-drive his machine or the referral relationship. Checking and following through on the patient.
We will be happy to discuss item 3 and 4 with you in person. For a no obligation marketing assessment, contact us.