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Certified EMR Solutions available with PBA

Physicians Business Advisors has been serving the healthcare industry for over 30 years.  Our medical billing team of specialist offer years of expertise in medical billing, coding, EHR and EMR solutions from implementation of a new system to fixes to old systems- PBA Knows EMR’s.

We offer our clients back office billing services utilizing a variety of practice management systems, EMR solutions and  EHR systems.

A few of our most populat EMR Solutions include:

  • Allscripts Professional and MyWay- all versions. We can assist with all your conversion needs. Not all implementation are a smooth transition. We have a proven record of transitioning you through a new system while claims being submitted and approved to continue your cash flow.
  • Athena Health– A 5-stage workflow for staff to swiftly move through patient visits, with a management tool from check-in through check-out.  Athena Health, although a progressive system comes with a denial tools hidden in its system which can literally hide claims from management view. PBA watches daily the hidden areas of this EMR for management, corrects and resend claims which literally get ” hung up” in this EMR.
  • Eclinical Works-Proficient in Eclinical Works PBA provides an entire staff support and billing expertise, from front desk use of this system through to the success of claim payments.
  • GE Centricity- EMR and Practice Management System. We have the ability to implement a new system for your office and train your staff. PBA can build templates and reports to support your practice on Centricity and all the other systems we support.
  • NextGen– PBA is proud to offer our expertise in medical billing services through NextGen. We have implemented and know where the blimps are in this system. We work through to correct and have your claims our quickly and successfully.
  • Medical Mastermind/ Vehracity– PBA serves Medical Mastermind/ Vehracity  offers clients from primary care to provider specialties their system with transparency from front desk through to billing and insurance follow up.
  • ICARECLOUD-iCare allows sharing of data to occur by utilizing a secure “cloud” architecture that enables  networks or exchanges to call on real time data. This transparency allows PBA and the doctors to review important financial data for up to minute reporting. PBA knows where the flaws are in the system and can assist in clearing out some issues and concerns not taught at the time of implementation.
  • Chart Logic- Built for speed and voice activated notes and documents; but comes with quite a few deficiencies within the billing tool. No worries, we know where they are and will watch the details so claims are sent daily.

Having PBA start working your medical billing is simple. We will work closely with your existing medical billing service or in-house staff to provide a smooth worry-free transition. Our staff will guide you through the steps of setting up your practice. What do those steps include?

Three Easy Steps – That’s All That it Takes:

  • Meet at a convenient time to review your practice information
    Together we complete a form with your practice information including all providers and insurance companies you participate with.
  • Review of  accounts receivables and patient account status
    We tackle your Accounts receivable for both insurance and patients and begin immediately collecting, correcting and processing necessary claims being denied or addressing appeals.
  • Simplified reporting
    We provide ease of practice management with a simplified PBA method of reporting. You’re in Know about all aspects of your practice without long meetings and staff questioning.

That’s it! Three easy steps and you are on your way to having your medical billing done right by experienced coders and medical billing professionals in your own  EMR Solution that works for your medical practice.

  1. GE Centricity
  2. EClinical Works
  3. Amazing Charts
  4. Codonix
  5. NextGen
  6. Nextech
  7. Medical Mastermind/ Vehracity
  8. Practice Fusion
  9. ICareCLoud
  10. AthenaHealth

To learn more about PBA’s EMR Solutions request a free demo or contact us for more information.