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Emergency Medicine

Physicians Billing Advisors specializes in Emergency Medicine Medical Billing


Emergency Medicine presents a unique set of challenges for medical billing.  High-volume, and fast paced, Emergency Medicine encompasses elements of Primary Care Diagnostic Testing, Evaluation and Management services as well as Trauma services.  Medical billing for emergency medicine includes multi code surgical procedures as well as diagnostic testing. Documentation must be precise and accurate coding and billing is critical. Recent changes to V-codes, late effects, traumatic seizures, and pain diagnosis are just some of the challenges medical billers face.

Since inception, PBA has been providing emergency medicine billing services to ER physicians across the country.   PBA will work side by side with you to help identify problem areas such as the correct modifier application, and educate your practice on best in class billing practices and procedures. Our team of certified medical coders and medical billing experts will manage all aspects of your billing, ensuring that you receive proper compensation for services provided.   You’ll rest easy, knowing that you’re not leaving money on the table or raising red flags for the RACs, MACs, MPICs, ZPICs, and private payer audit programs.

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