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Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)

CLIA is considering revising its regulations per the rates for laboratory work to put them in line with private payers. It is also considering personnel qualifications to be allowed to perform testing, which in some cases has been performed by untrained staff. Is a nursing degree really the equivalent of[…]

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Quite a paycheck, right?

Most patient’s don’t realize what their doctors paychecks really look like, when they choose not to pay their statement balances. Eight to twelve years after graduating from high school, they finally start earning a full paycheck! And with that first payday comes the terms of the debt they have accumulated[…]

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Basic Rules of Health Care Marketing

Some basic rules that all health care offices should understand when coordinating their marketing efforts is to create articles that are going to entice to new patients. So make sure you are consistent with your practice branding is on all marketing campaigns like pay per click on google and website[…]

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EMR and EHR with billing components have ways to hide your profit-

According to KevinMD.COM,  Electronic health records (EHR) systems are expensive. Really expensive. In fact, there have been reports of these systems causing significant revenue decreases or business interruptions — such as Henry Ford Health System in Michigan reporting that implementing EPIC was a direct cause of their 15 percent net[…]

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Medical Marketing Demanding Results

How to use EMR

  From HMOs to EMRs, ENT to PCP, Dermatology to Gynecology, Orthopedic to Pediatrics, we’ve seen it all over the last three decades. But what’s most important is what makes us equipped to handle your challenges. WE KNOW PATIENTS AND OUR INDUSTRY We understand HIPAA privacy requirements We adhere to[…]

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When Medical Account Receivables are too high!

when medical a/r gets away from you

Ouch… this is a painful place to be, but don’t worry! Within 30 days we can make an impact. We put our team of billing experts on your account and really dive into the largest outstanding balances first and work with our team on generating the most revenue immediately. With[…]

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Timely filling

 Timely filling  is a big issue in every office!! Most Physicians and Front Desk staff do not realize that every insurance company has a exception to paying a claim, they call it Timely Filing. This means they (the insurance carrier) only allow a certain time frame for physicians to submit a claim to them to be processed and[…]

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Coding and Billing Information

The following Home Health PPS Coding and Billing Information includes: HH PPS HIPPS code weight table – Home Health PPS Grouper Software and Documentation Health Insurance Prospective Payment System (HIPPS) Codes  Home Health PC Pricer Home Health Consolidated Billing Master Code List  Home Health PPS Wage Index Files   CMS[…]

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The top Blunders of Medical Front Desk Staff

the top Blunders of Medical Front Desk Staff

A relatable, helpful and professional front desk staff is key to practice success. Your most competitive advantage is customer service, and that begins at the front desk,” Ms. Buckingham has said. “That front desk person holds so much power in creating a positive or negative experience,” so it’s really important[…]

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CMS overpayment rule

CMS overpayment rule | PBA and Associates, LLC

CMS overpayment rule Are you concerned about how the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) plan to implement the 60-day deadline for returning Medicare and Medicaid overpayments? Breath easy, there is now a proposed CMS overpayment rule in place that provides some insight. It’s all apart of the Affordable Care Act. Section 6402(a)[…]

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