PBA and Associates, LLC


President & Founder– Susan Buckingham has decades of experience in the business healthcare and technology industries. Susan served as business development director for a multi-million dollar firm that supported healthcare practices nationwide. Ms. Buckingham holds an advanced degree from Salisbury University and leads PBA and Associates Client Services group, ensuring that their clients are achieving their goals.

Director of Medical Billing: Ms. Tracy Harrell: 18 years’ experience in medical billing and coding, specializing in charge capture for urgent care, gastroenterology, cardiology,

Director of Marketing: Jessica E. Kahn: 15 years of industry specific marketing experience. She has the ability to establish your niche, pull your top 10 cpt codes and create a 4-point marketing plan that will have your office doors swinging.

Team Leaders: Rhonda Gaston: Ms. Gaston offers our clients 17 years medical billing and coding experience working with Hematology, Primary Care, OB/GYN and Urgent Care. Ms. Gaston is dedicated to submitting and collecting the claim fast and accurately. She enjoys her work and it shows! primary care, hematology and Urgent Care. Ms. Harrell has successfully implement new EMR systems, to include Codonix, Allscripts, GE Centricity, Amazing Charts, EZ Claim, Eclinical Works, Nextech, EHI Connect and NextGen, just to mention a few. Ms. Harrell has an innate ability to repair EMR systems and expedites our claims process. She is truly gifted and talented in implementing and fixing systems with discrepancies and claims with difficulties.

Certified Professional Credentialing Specialist: Ms.Beatrice Fletcher offers our practitioners over 25 years health care services. She holds advanced placements as Certified Professional Medical Services Management (CPMSM) and  as a Certified Professional Credentialing Specialist (CPCS)

Ms. Fletcher provides Medical credentialing for Physician and Mid Level  as well as Behavioral health Credentialing ,Optical and Dental Credentialing ,Multi-Specialty Credentialing ,Hospital Credentialing , Health Care Credentialing  Insurance Carrier Credentialing ,Delegating Credentialing and Faculty Credentialing  and Multi- State Credentialing.


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