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The new timeline for Stage 3 meaningful use is 2019… begin Now

The new timeline for Stage 3 meaningful use

Meaningful Use Stage 3

Among the fallen EHR mandates in 2018 is compliance with State 3 meaningful use, which focused on using certified electronic health records to improve health outcomes.

All providers were supposed to participate in Stage 3, which involves coordination of care through patient engagement, health information exchange and public health reporting. CMS thought having everyone at Stage 3 would simplify reporting requirements.

However, in the final rule, allowing providers to use the 2014 edition of CEHRT, participants in the meaningful use program will be able to still attest to Stage 2 objectives and delay Stage 3 until 2019.

But the next stage is coming, and an unofficial EHR mandate in 2018 should be to prepare, not delay projects of Stage 3, so eligible providers are ready.

Anguilm expected “the combination of a 90-day Meaningful Use reporting period along with giving eligible providers until 2019 before they have to switch to 2015 CEHRT will likely make most eligible providers and the EHR vendors happy, for now.”