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The Top American Doctors Feelings of Indifference

Our Top doctors no longer want to be a part of a health care system that doesn’t value them after decades of sacrifice, debt, and brutal training.

Let’s look at some of the facts to help explain why becoming a physician in America is rapidly losing its appeal.

1. Private practice medicine is increasingly unsustainable due to rising overhead costs and declining reimbursements

2. Doctors spend more than two-thirds of their time on paperwork rather than taking care of patients

3. Medicare reporting incentives do not reward over 99 percent of doctors

4. The average debt doctors face after medical school is $183,000

5. Many new doctors earn barely more than minimum wage when accounting for hours worked per week

6. State governments are passing laws to limit the compensation of “out of network” physicians

Doctors are hurting, and they don’t have the time to reach out. They don’t have the time to lobby Congress. They are far too busy trying to help their patients and keep their practices afloat.

With rapidly increasing government reporting regulations, new plans to move away from fee-for-service payments, growing patient complaints about high deductibles, Medicare audits, more complex documentation mandates, increasingly complicated coding requirements, payment denials, time-consuming prior authorizations, expensive Electronic Medical Records….why would our country’s top talent go through years of debt and brutal training to face over-regulation and exhaustion?

We also need to continue to compensate physicians at a fair level that matches their skills, high level of education, and sacrifice ― not figure out ways to “bundle away” what they make. Should health care dollars be shifted away from those who are waking up in the middle of the night to save lives, who are spending countless hours researching cases after work, who are neglecting their families to study for re-credentialing boards, who are saddled with inexorable debt, or who are spending thousands of dollars to attend meetings all over the world to find out the best way to care for patients?

Short-changing the individuals who are sacrificing everything to save lives will lead to the biggest threat to our nation’s health care system.

 We must all reach out to doctors and do everything in our power to demonstrate that we value our country’s physicians before it’s too late. Please remember to pay your doctor- its not his or her fault your deductible is high or you are experiencing ” Out of network” expenses.