PBA and Associates, LLC

When Medical Account Receivables are too high!

when medical a/r gets away from you

Ouch… this is a painful place to be, but don’t worry! Within 30 days we can make an impact. We put our team of billing experts on your account and really dive into the largest outstanding balances first and work with our team on generating the most revenue immediately. With our team dividing the work you see maximum results within 30 days. Other team members will be looking for hidden claims, sitting in denial status or in areas of your EMR/EHR you are unfamiliar with, leaving unpaid claims for work you have performed.

Don’t worry… we will find the money you know is outstanding and money you never thought you would ever find! We found literally $40,000 for a  doctor who was happy with her billing company until we showed them where we found the money. Astounding!!  This practice would be happy to speak to you directly as a reference for PBA.


Call PBA When medical a/r gets away from you! For a no obligation practice assessment and Demonstration with our tenacious Accounts Receivable team, callemail or schedule an appointment.